WiFi Installation

Building reliable and secure wireless network with great coverage and performance can be a real challenge. It is crucial to have an in-depth knowledge of the WiFi technology, RF environment, wireless security as well as to understand the key business requirements.

After working on many and most complex wireless network projects in the most challenging environments we believe we possess all the skills and knowledge which are required to build the perfect wireless network with the right size, coverage, and security to cope with all your business requirements.

WiFi Installation
Our WiFi Installation service offers you deployment of the wireless network quickly, smoothly and with the best possible performance. We follow a logical six-phase process to deliver the best value:
  1. Information gathering

    No two businesses are the same and have the same needs and requirements for a wireless network. First stage of our wireless network Installation is a meeting with our client where we discuss and listen very carefully to your requirements.

    • How many users will use the WiFi network?
    • Will the network be used for VoIP or data traffic only?
    • Do you have areas where many people gather?
    • Do you have many mobile devices?
    • Do you need to cover outdoor areas?
    • How many SSID networks do you need?
    • Will you use Guest network?
    • What security and integrations will you need?

    These are only few of many questions we need to consider when designing a wireless network. It is necessary to understand all business needs as it significantly affects the overall wireless network design.

    Information gathering
  2. Survey
    WiFi survey

    Wireless survey will help us to decide the amount, type and the location of wireless access points. It is the most crucial part of wireless network Installation. Many companies relies on the design based on output from predictive software but in many cases these results are not very accurate. No software can predict all factors which affects the performance of wireless network. For example neighbouring WiFi networks, RF interference from random sources, material reflections, etc. If the survey is not performed, all the negative factors can cause poor wireless network performance, like coverage black spots, lack of throughput due to interference, not enough Access Points to cater for concurrent users, or too many Access Points causing self-interference. For this reason we always conduct wireless survey as part of our wireless network Installation.

  3. Wired network evaluation

    Not many companies realise that very important part of proper WiFi Installation is a survey and design of the wired network infrastructure (cabling, switches, routers, etc). The wired infrastructure is the core of the wireless network, all access points are connected back to the wired network, all data have to pass through the wired network. It is very important that the wired network infrastructure is capable to support the wireless network.

  4. Design

    Based on all the details acquired in previous steps we proceed with the wireless network design. Most designs are done solely based on signal coverage requirements. But this is not always the best approach and also other aspects need to be taken into consideration. There are occasions when capacity design is needed, for example in a big meeting room or auditorium where many people gather. Even though one access point in the middle of the room would easily cover the whole room with sufficient wireless signal, the performance and throughput would not be acceptable. We have many years of experience with the most complex wireless network designs in the most challenging environments and we understand the importance of design based on all factors which affects the wireless network performance.

  5. Deployment

    We always try to deploy the new wireless network with a minimum disruption to our clients business. With all the details gathered in previous steps and following the wireless network design, we start with the installation and configuration of the wireless controller. All features and integrations are tested using a small amount of access points as a proof of concept. Once the client is happy with the results and approve the solution we continue with the deployment of the access points. To make sure the coverage requirements are met in all areas it is vital to conduct a final wireless survey of the new WiFi network.

    wifi deployment
  6. Support
    wifi support

    Proper wireless network Installation does not finish with the deployment stage. Monitoring and network maintenance is very important in order to keep the network in a good shape. It is also vital to upgrade the software as soon as the new software release is available. This will ensure the compatibility with new devices, protocols or applications as well as to keep the wireless network secure.

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