Hosted VoIP Phone System

What is Hosted or Cloud telephony?

Hosted telephony, Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP, Cloud PBX or Cloud based telephony solution are interchangeable names given to the innovative VoIP telephony solution placed in the Cloud and provided to the users on a subscription model (SaaS). With Trinitel VoIP Cloud PBX, the phone system is hosted in our high availability datacentres in London and is maintained and constantly monitored by our technical staff. Companies can use rich, full-featured telephony applications without the need to buy, install, and operate an expensive telephone system on site.

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What does the hosted telephony offer?

Trinitel VoIP Cloud PBX is a complete business phone system which is designed to provide all the features you would expect from an enterprise level phone system but for a fraction of the cost. Our cloud telephony customers enjoy a complete telephony solution that provides services such as voice calling, video calling, auto attendants, interactive voice response, call recording, collaboration, computer or software integration, and many more features all for a single monthly price-per-user. We provide a modern, reliable telephone system along with the settings of your choice, constant monitoring, maintenance, and telephone support including remote modifications.

No matter what business you're in, we have the right solution for you.

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What are the key Cloud PBX benefits?

Our Cloud PBX solution brings you a lot more than just lower costs. Here are the key business benefits:


It’s easy to scale up or down without any business disruption. New users can be added easily without the need to worry about the phone system capacity.


Mobility gives you the flexibility of handling your calls around the office, in your car, at home or anywhere in the world.

Lower upfront and ongoing costs

No need to purchase costly equipment such as an Private branch exchange (PBX) or to upgrade the data network to support VoIP communications.

Ease of Use

Users can manage and configure their features from their computers through a simple web interface. All without IT staff or support.

Application integration

If voice is an important part of your business, your phone system should be integrated with your key business applications.

Automatic upgrades

There is no hardware on customers' premises. The service is outsourced and upgrades are provided through software changes that happen automatically in the background.

No maintenance costs

No unexpected bills, all support and maintenance, including software upgrades and configuration changes, are included in the monthly service fee.


Our hosted platform consists of multiple servers resided in different geographical locations and linked to multiple interconnections to public telephone network which greatly reduces the chance of failure or outage.

Quick support

No need to visit customers site in case of support is needed. All changes can be done remotely by our trained support staff.

Who can benefit from Cloud PBX?

 Distributed organizations with more branch locations or employees working remotely.

 Growing companies that need scale their communications easily and cost-effectively.

 Innovative businesses needing new forms of communications such as video, content sharing, and virtual meeting rooms.

 Cost-conscious companies looking to save $$ on up-front capital expenses.

 Companies with strained IT organizations looking to focus on their core business.

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