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The telecommunications market has changed rapidly over the recent years under the effect of many circumstances:

  • New computing and mobile devices are reshaping the market and increasing popularity of mobile and WiFi network services
  • High-speed networks change the way people consume digital content
  • Growing IT infrastructure performance and network availability offer new technological options like Cloud technologies, Unified communication or Video conferencing
  • Innovative services and products create pressure on existing prices
  • Business needs are growing with an increasing amount of processing data and informations

With many different technologies, products and pricing models, for many businesses it is extremely difficult to choose a cost effective communication solution which meets all the company requirements and needs. Trinitel consultancy is focusing on adding value to our customers' operations through practical advice in all areas of modern IT and Telecommunications technology. We analyse your business needs, current contracts and bills to get a clear snapshot of what you spend on infrastructure and connectivity. By understanding your current situation, our consultants identify areas for improvements and innovations that will put you in control, reduce cost, increase productivity and give you a competitive advantage.

Telecom consultancy by Trinitel

We can help you to

  •  Analyse Telephony and Network charges such as fixed line, hardware/equipment, private circuits, hosting, data centre rates, maintenance contracts
  •  Analyse and understand your communication requirements
  •  Match the best available and cost effective technologies to your business needs
  •  Set-up or improve your business telephony solution
  •  Maximize the return on your technology investment
  •  Ensure that your technology systems are secure

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