Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

If voice is a important part of your business, your phone system should be integrated with your key business applications. For this purpose we use Promptar integration solution which was developed and integrated into our voip phone system by our partner Colours' Company. Promptar collects and delivers the right pieces of application information to any user participating in a phone call, increasing productivity by reducing task execution time, minimizing human errors and speeding up decision making. Information is collected from existing business-support applications and phone systems according to centrally defined business rules. Promptar acts, as an entity that knows which information should be collected, combined and delivered to which user, under which circumstances, to increase productivity.
Computer Telephony Integration Scheme

Main features

Business Information
Promptar delivers each user, according to his role in the organization and in a fully automatic way, relevant business information about the other party in the context of each phone conversation.
Task Automation
Promptar can automate task execution in the context of the users’ activities, depending on the calling party or other business rules.
Contact Lookup and Call
Promptar makes it easy to lookup for phone contacts in business supporting applications and initiating phone calls towards them; it also allows for phone calls to be initiated from within the application’s native user interfaces.
Desktop Call Control
Promptar allows the users to control their phone calls from the desktop, performing actions such as transfers or holds without the need to physically manipulate their handsets.

Business Benefits

Increase Productivity
The needed information, in the right context, at the right time, to the right user - automatically.
Capitalize on Information
Leverage existing information by delivering it to the users when it becomes valuable and critical, in the context of telephone communications.
Improve Experience
Of your workforce and third parties: a better service, with no wait-times, with better information.
Integrate Seamlessly
Delivering any piece of information to your users, whichever the system that manages and stores it is.

User interface

  • A call window is displayed in the top-right side of the screen for each phone call initiated or received by the user.
  • A call window is displayed in the top-right side of the screen for each phone call initiated or received by the user.
  • The user may expand any window to access additional available business information.
  • Call windows may be minimized, such that only the coloured tab stays visible.
  • Reaching the bottom-right side of the screen with the mouse cursor, shows the tools window.
  • The tools window allows call initiation, contact lookups, favourite contacts and call history management and more.


Integration with Sugar CRM

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