VoIP Cloud Pbx Features

Our VoIP Cloud PBX comes with all features you would expect from an enterprise phone system. In addition it comes with unified communication services which integrate phone system with your desktop. On top of this, Cloud PBX can be integrated with your key company applications.

Basic Cloud PBX Features

Web Call logs
Detailed online call logs
Music on Hold
Playing recorded music to fill the silence that would be heard by telephone callers who have been placed on hold.
Call Forward
When you're not at your desk be sure not to miss important calls. Forward call to another extension or even to your mobile phone.
Call restrictions
Banned calls to defined types of numbers.
Do not Disturb
When you are busy, make sure that nobody can disturb. This feature can be activated and deactivated from the phone terminal.
Company Directory
Shared phonebook
3-way calling
You can talk with two people at the same time (phone needs to support this feature)
Call Transfers
Calls can be transferred between the extensions of the PBX or even to public phone numbers.
Hunt Groups
Make sure that somebody will take the call. By enabling this feature, the call gets forwarded to another extension if not answered within a specified amount of time.
Ring groups
When an extension is called, this triggers other extensions to ring. The first extension answering the call gets the connection.
Time based calls routing
Never miss important messages when you're out of office! The voicemail feature answers calls after a certain amount of time and records the caller's message.

Advanced Cloud PBX Features

Dedicated Voicemail
A company can assign a special phone number the employees can call from a public number in order to check their voicemail messages. A fast and affordable, yet centralized access to voicemail from public phone.
Voicemail to email
Receive voicemail messages as email sound file attachments.
Pickup groups
Interesting feature that gives you the possibility to pick up calls ringing at other extensions. A secretary can answer another employee phone without leaving her desk.
Directed Call pickup
Pickup ringing extension by dialing a feature code plus extension.
Call Recording
Record important calls like customer calls as part of satisfaction improvement programs or abuse prevention. Call recording can be event driven (the employee press on a button) or unconditional (setup by management).
Call Recordings backup
Recorded calls will be automatically deleted after 30 days. If you want to keep these files we can backup your recorded calls on DVD or on your FTP server.
Call forward follow me
Mobile twining.
Call forward/block
based on Caller ID
Blocking or forwarding calls based on the incoming number.
Auto Attendant
Create complex auto-attendant voice menus with multiple contexts, options and actions. An indispensable business tool that can replace a secretary or even substantially reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.
Connect directly to users speaker phone.
Pages a group of extensions.
Day/Night service
Set Day, Night or Temporary override mode to control inbound call routing.
Full featured conference functions, giving the extension the option to setup passwords, room sizes, recording, volume, etc.
Fax over IP
A fax system integrated into the IP phone system. Allow you to send and receive faxes over an IP network instead of the public telephone network (PSTN).

Unified communication features

Integration of phone system services with computers is now important part of modern business telephony solution. Our unified communication solution allows you to control all telephony services directly on the computer while the phone calls can still be done on the desk phone. The main features are:

MS Outlook integration
Incoming calls can be matched with contact management records and outgoing calls can be initiated from within Outlook so users can click on contact management systems records and dial from within Outlook.
Web browser integration
call initiation by "click-to-call" link on the website
MS application
call initiation from any MS Windows application


Computer telephony integration

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