About Trinitel

Trinitel is committed to provide innovative communications services that offer enhanced functionality over traditional solutions at significantly less cost while keeping the outstanding quality of our services.

About us

After years of experience and sub-contracting for big telecom providers, we could feel that small and medium-size customers do not receive the service quality and support they require and deserve. The major telecom companies always prioritise their enterprise customers at the expense of the SME clients.

On the other side stand many small business telecom providers which are not technically capable and experienced enough to deliver enterprise level solutions and support to SME customers.

We managed to see this demand for proper support and modern communication solutions at the SME market and this is how Trinitel was born. Since Trinitel was established, our customers always praised us for outstanding support which is the core of our business idea and our business strategy.

Our portfolio of business services includes:

  •  Cloud (hosted) telephone system
  •  Mitel communication solutions
  •  Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi Solutions
  •  Unified communication and collaboration
  •  Tailor made application and business processes integration
  •  Telecom & Network Consultancy


 Going through an amazing new telephone upgrade here at City Dental Clinic - the fabulous new system from Trinitel allows us to contact our patients with just one click and see whose contacting us so we can have your files up in an instant. 

 I turned to Trinitel after the big companies were too expensive and inflexible and were not prepared to cater to my individual needs. Trinitel is a small highly personal company who will do their best to come up with a plan that suits your individual needs. They are cheaper, more efficient, more personal and more flexible than the big companies. 

 I have been using Trinitel for some time now. Installation was efficient and aside from a few very minor teething problems the phone system works exceedingly well. We are a multi centre business utilising an in house call centre. I particularly like their "can do“ attitude. Nothing is too much trouble and the flexibility of the system has moved from nice to have to essential. I highly recommend Trinitel. 

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